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Cynthia M. Bates


Cindy graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 1982 with an honours Bachelor of Business Administration.  She qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1984.


She completed the CICA In-depth Tax Course.  This is a three year comprehensive tax course.  She worked as a Tax Specialist for five years in total, at IBM Canada Ltd. and KPMG LLP.


She qualified as a Chartered Business Valuator in 1999.  She has been involved in a wide variety of business valuation and litigation support assignments with much diversity in terms of industries and report objectives.  She has testified as an expert witness.  She has been involved in many matrimonial dispute assignments requiring:  a business valuation for inclusion in net family property, income analysis for spousal and child support purposes and attendance in court.  She has prepared many reports in of support of tax transactions.  


She has a client mix comprised of small business, farms, and professionals.  She has a strong technical background in accounting, tax, and valuation which she has developed not only from her specialist training but also from the many varied client assignments over the years.  She has a depth of knowledge and experience in corporate and personal taxation.   She has developed a keen understanding of the profit potential of a business and how to maximize business value.  Most importantly her many years of experience result in good common sense advice.  


From the beginning, she has had a number of agricultural clients comprised of a wide variety of operations, both in type and size. She has developed a good sense of the growth and direction of this sector and the unique challenges faced.  She is familiar with the various government programs and the necessary paperwork involved with these.  She has been involved in the sale of many farm properties.


She has been an auditor for several condominium corporations for numerous years.


When not working, she enjoys horseback riding, swimming, tennis, canoeing and kayaking.

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